What is Ostelzzz?

Ostelzzz is an hi-tech hostel that offers a social platform that connects guests in the structure.

How can I access to the social?

When you make a reservation you can immediately access the social platform through the credentials received in the e-mail confirmation. The social is available on desktop, smartphone and tablet and also from your bed in Ostelzzz, in fact each capsule is equipped with a touchscreen panel where you can login and contact other people in the hostel.

How big is a capsule?

Our capsules are designed to be comfortable even tough their measures are quite small. Rationalization of the spaces is the keyword. You can find more detailed information about each capsule type in the dedicated section.

Where I can leave my belongings?

Each capsule is equipped with a secure locker, where you can safely store your objects.

Is there any food or drink option inside the hostel?

Ostelzzz has a 24/7 cafè with a gourmet italian menù. Our staff will be happy to prepare fresh dishes and fantastic cocktails for you all day long.

Can I bring with me my pet?

We love pets and animals, however because of the layout of shared dormitory they could disturb other guests.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept the most common credit and debit cards.

Is there any age restriction to stay in Ostelzzz?

No,there isn’t any age restriction, but guest younger than 14 must be accompanied by someone that is older than 18. For this kind of reservation we ask you to contact directly the structure.;

Do you have only shared room?

In addition of capsules in shared dormitory, we offer also double and family room.

Is there any time limit to check-in?

Thanks to our virtual reception you can check-in whenever you want after 2.00 pm.

Until what age do children pay?

When booking with a child under 14, please contact the property directly prior to booking.